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Mixing & Mastering

Do you need your tracks mixed and mastered on a professional level?

Send me your tracks and I will get it done. With some revision rounds, we will get the best out of it. With my mastering service you will get your song ready for distribution.


Podcasts & Audiobooks

Do you want to delegate your podcast or audiobook production?

I take care of the technical side of things, while you can fully focus on your content. Share your requirements and tracks with me and I get it done for you.


Session Guitarist

Do you need guitar tracks or a live guitarist?

Hire me to record your guitar or bass tracks. You get raw tracks and ones with applied sounds, according to your taste and genre. You can also book me as your live guitarist for your gigs.




About Me

Hello! I'm Pascal, a certified audio engineer from Germany with a deep love for creating music. I have a diverse range of influences and interests, mostly from the rock genre, and I'm always eager to dive into new styles and techniques that make music truly special.
My experience ranges from playing guitar since 2008, playing bass, singing, songwriting and being in bands as a lead guitarist, to finally graduating in audio engineering and producing music since 2021.

If you're looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic producer, using the latest software and technology: Let's work together to transform your ideas into captivating audio experiences!